Sunday, April 20, 2014

About Us

We are Hackpr0, are private group of game hack developers which was founded on April 2000. Originally 5 founding members started an online chat room over IRC and the rest was history. Our main goal is to enhance our coding and technical skills while still having the luxury to enjoy the games that we like. It is not our goal to destroy the system of any games that we produce hacks to but only to learn more about the process of coding and security. Notable members have successful transitioned from being script kids to being employed in the corporate industry and that is why everything is still kept in secret and widely moderated. We plan to produced innovative applications and software in the future and hope that we could continue on with our passion and hobbies.

League of Legends RP Hack

League of Legends RP Hack

Lots and lots of fake RP generators and tools have circulated around the internet for the past few years but the ones that really worked were kept within the secure hands of some private game hacking groups such as Hackpr0, 3litists, pvpGN and etc. But our own group of coders have successfully deciphered the algorithm used by Riot for their system that generates Riot Points.

Features of League of Legends RP Hack:

  • Quick and Easy to use
  • Fully automated and quick SQL Injection to Riot LoL Servers.
  • 100% Safe and Virus Free
  • Unpatched and undetected by the system.
  • Reusable - feel free to add in as many points as you would like.
  • FREE!

Why spread such hack?

 We are fully aware that this hack should only have been kept in private so as not to be abused by many players. But our main goal here is to share and educate people that hacking online games is possible. Also, We would like to test the limits of the security of Riot's server and coding because it seems like this application cannot and will never be patched. We would like to have a confirmation about that thinking and that is why we are trying to spread this to many players as possible. We would warn you though that you should use this at your own risk and be aware of the possible consequences that may arise with the use of this generator. We guarantee though that this is 100% safe and effective and we have continuously used this over the course of 2 years and never experienced any problem.

This hack was promoted during the year 2012 and has never been patched by riot servers. It was kept in secret because of the fear of being patched, some of the members are trustworthy and all have decided to keep this at that time. Wide circulation and rumors have spread that Riot will be updating their algorithm and servers and members of our private group are afraid that we may not be able to resolve issues if this will be patched. But we have guaranteed them that everything is safe and secure and to prove this, we announced that we will be releasing this in public for a short amount of time. If you have reached this page and the download link is still available, then feel free to maximize the opportunity to download this tool. After some time, we will be removing the link for the download once we have gathered sufficient data and research on how Riot will react with the wide use of this software.

We would like to thank our own private hacking community members for always trusting that we will be able to produce high quality working game hacks. We always keep in mind that this will never be for profit and cash but for the love of it. Thank you also for supporting and helping us. Enjoy the game and feel free to visit this page for updates and additional features.

What are Riot Points (RP)?

What are Riot Points (RP)?

Riot points were also known as combat points in the earlier days of the League of Legends European servers. These points are considered as on of the two currencies used inside the game. You can purchase these points with real money for you to able to purchase in-game items or stuff to boost, upgrade, or customize to add diversity to your gaming experience. One of the commonly purchased items with Riot Points are champions, you can also purchase skins for  your champions in order highly customize them to your preference, boosts are also available for purchase which are modifiers to increase your influence and summoner points experience. With Influence Points you can purchase champions and extra rune page, but now with Riot points. Riot Points purchases has little to no effect you the gameplay inside League of Legends.

How to Buy Riot Points

    Players are able to purchase riot points in different ways and in different denominations. With 10 dollars you will receive Riot points amounting to 1380, 25 dollars amounting to 3500, and 50 amounting to 7200. Some places offering Riot Points for purchase are Best Buy, Gamestop, 7/11 and EB Games. The use of debit/credit card and paypal is also accepted for Riot Points purchases.

Free Riot Points

Looking for free alternatives to gain Riot Points? Click Here to learn more about our League of Legends RP Hack.