Sunday, April 20, 2014

What are Riot Points (RP)?

What are Riot Points (RP)?

Riot points were also known as combat points in the earlier days of the League of Legends European servers. These points are considered as on of the two currencies used inside the game. You can purchase these points with real money for you to able to purchase in-game items or stuff to boost, upgrade, or customize to add diversity to your gaming experience. One of the commonly purchased items with Riot Points are champions, you can also purchase skins for  your champions in order highly customize them to your preference, boosts are also available for purchase which are modifiers to increase your influence and summoner points experience. With Influence Points you can purchase champions and extra rune page, but now with Riot points. Riot Points purchases has little to no effect you the gameplay inside League of Legends.

How to Buy Riot Points

    Players are able to purchase riot points in different ways and in different denominations. With 10 dollars you will receive Riot points amounting to 1380, 25 dollars amounting to 3500, and 50 amounting to 7200. Some places offering Riot Points for purchase are Best Buy, Gamestop, 7/11 and EB Games. The use of debit/credit card and paypal is also accepted for Riot Points purchases.

Free Riot Points

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